Not all AED Defibrillators are the same

1) Lifepac AED Defibrillators carry an 8 year warranty with Servicing and Calibration service available in NZ.

2) Lifepac Defibrillators can achieve shocks of up to 360 joules (biphasic). Latest study results from 2017 show shocks at a lower Joule rating may not be enough (Open Access Emergency Medicine March 2017). This backs earlier studies from 2009.

3) Lifepac Defibrillators are used by Ambulance services, Fire Service and Hospitals throughout NZ (the same pads stay in place right through from the First Aider to Hospital).

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Lifepak CR Plus AED
Research indicates that an AED used quickly and effectively by the first person at the scene can have lifesaving results. The LIFEPAK CR Plus is fully automated, therefore does everything for you. All you have to do is follow the prompts, apply the pre-connected electrode pads and stand back. There is no ‘shock’ button to push and the CR Plus is designed to deliver a shock only if it determines that the heart requires it. You can be a heartsaver with this AED, even with little training!
Lifepak 1000 Defibrillator
This AED provides both basic and advanced life support technologies that include:-
• loud voice prompts
• large LCD with visual display of text
• pre-connected electrodes
• high capacity battery capability (up to 440 shocks or 17 hours monitoring time)
• capability for digitally recorded ECG rhythm and delivered shocks to be wirelessly transferred via IrDA port to a PC for post event quality review. This is another effective, efficient heartsaver machine!
Alarmed Defibrillator Cabinet
An alarmed cabinet to safely store your hearsaver AED until such time that you need it.
Defibrillator Sign
A perspex sigh to indicate where your heartsaver equipment is kept
Vinyl Banner Display
1m x 60cm
AED Wall Sign
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Vinyl Banner Display

1m x 60cm