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Health screening                                                                 contact: 

First Aid (NZ) actively supports community initiatives for positive health & wellbeing whenever possible. We are able to offer blood pressure, diabetes and hearing checks in the workplace.


Drug screening

Employees who come to work with alcohol and performance impairing drugs in their system have a high risk of causing an accident or injury to themselves, their co-workers or the general public. Their overall job performance is also adversely affected.


The Health and Safety in Employment Act directs employers to take “all practicable steps” to ensure that the working environment is safe by identifying and minimising potetial hazards. The Amendment to the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2003 lists drugs and alcohol as a potential hazard.


A drug and alcohol free workplace is an important component of a safe workplace. An increasing number of New Zealand companies with high proportions of “safety critical” jobs are introducing these programmes. First Aid (NZ) can assist you to introduce an appropriate programme in your workplace including pre-employment, internal transfer, post accident, reasonable cause, random and post-rehab testing.


Drug testing products

All products used for Drug Screening in New Zealand must be verified to meet the AS/NZS 4308:2008 standard. All products are verified and we are happy to provide a copy of the verification certificate on request.

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