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First Aid (NZ) Ltd prides itself in the development and delivery of high quality First Aid education uniquely tailored to the varied needs of our clients. Our basic courses allow for open entry, as well as advanced courses for the more skilled responder. Our Instructors have a wealth of experience in the emergency care sector and are committed to making your courses interesting and enjoyable. Students feel relaxed during courses, and are assessed on practical skills. We ensure that students feel relaxed and confident before being assessed on practical skills.


Our aim is to plan, develop and deliver quality pre-hospital response programmes unique to the specific needs of each group of learners. So, if you would like to organise your own on-site course (for a minimum of 10 people) a First Aid NZ Facilitator will come to you.


Our lower overheads mean that we strive to be competitive in the market place and enjoy passing the saving on to you. Click on Provide Details button below for your quote.





Workplace First Aid

NZQA Unit Standards: 6401, 6402 & 6400 (4 credits)


Workplace First Aid Refresher

NZQA Unit Standards: N/A


Workplace First Aid Express

NZQA Unit Standards: 26551 & 26552 (2 credits)


Child First Aid

NZQA Unit Standards: 25459 (1 credit)


Basic Life Support

NZQA Unit Standards: 26551/6402 (1 credit)


Outdoor First Aid

NZQA Unit Standards: 424 (5 credits)


Poolside & Rescue First Aid

NZQA Unit Standards: N/A


Recreational & Fitness Centre First Aid

NZQA Unit Standards: N/A


Demonstrate knowledge & use of an AED 

NZQA Unit Standards: 25411 (1 credit)


Specialist Training Courses

Includes, but not limited to: 


      Electrical First Aid


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